Disposable Virus Sampling Kit

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Product introduction:

This product is specially used forthe collection and transportation of coronaviruses, influenza viruses and other viruses and related samples, and to extract nucleic acids to release,its products being processed can be used forin-vitro testing.

Product characteristics:

•One-step method:There is no need of extraction and heating, and the virus activity can be rapidly inactivated to ensure the integrity of nucleic acids.
• Special nucleic acid protectors and stabilizers:The sample may be transported at room temperature.
• Afterthe sample was added, the tube should be mixed for 30 seconds and allowed to stand for 1 min, then the sample can be extracted forPCR amplification.
•The sample collection and transportation, storage and nucleic acid release are integrated.
• Wide range of applications: It is suitable for any sample types and compatible with a variety of subsequent experiments, including PCR, RT-PCR, LAMPand RT-LAMP.

Product specifications:


50 tests/box


50 tests/box

①Disposable virus sampling tube②Pharyngeal / nasal swabs

  • Product commodity name: Disposable Virus Sampling Kit
  • Packing specification: 50 tests/box
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    Intended use:

    This product is specially used for the collection, transportation and nucleic acid release of coronavirus, influenza virus and other viruses and related samples, and the processed products can be used for in-vitro testing.

    Inspecting principle:

    The addition of a preservative solution to an appropriate buffer system inactivates the pathogen rapidly, while ensuring the stability of the total nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) of the pathogen, thus improving the biosafety and reliability of the test

    Main components:

    The component of product Quantity
    virus sampling tube 50
    pharyngeal swab 50

    Storage conditions and expiry date  0-40°C for 12 months.

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