1.What is the difference between antigen and molecular testing?

At present, there are a variety of detection methods in SARS-CoV-2 detection. Molecular tests (also known as PCR test) detect the genetic material of the virus, and detect the proteins in the virus by antigen test.

2.What factors will affect the test results? What should we pay attention to?

—Suitable for nasal swab samples.
—The sample shall not contain bubbles when dropping.
—The dropping amount of sample should not be too much or too little.
—Test immediately after sample collection.
—Operate in strict accordance with the instructions.

3.No red band appears on the test card or the liquid does not flow, what is the reason?

It should be clear that the test result of this test is invalid. The causes are as follows:
—The table on which the test card is placed is uneven, which affects the liquid flow.
—The dropping sample size does not meet the requirements specified in the instructions.
—The test card is damp.