Constant Temperature PCR Analyzer

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Product characteristics:

1) One-key operation: self-preheating when power on, microcomputer controls semiconductor heating;
2) Small and portable: small in size, portable and portable;
3) Intelligent PID algorithm: ensure temperature control accuracy and effectively reduce test error;
4) Triple real-time functions: real-time detection, real-time observation, real-time alarm.

  • Product name: Constant Temperature PCR Analyzer
  • Overall size: 89mmx40mmx39mm
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    Technical parameters:

    Incubation temperature 65.0℃
    Incubation time 15min
    Temperature control accuracy ≤±0.5℃
    Module temperature uniformity ≤±0.5℃
    Heating rate ≤5min (from 25℃~65℃)
    Incubation well position and tube size 2-hole 0.2ml test tube
    Overall size 89mmx40mmx39mm
    power supply DC12V/3A

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