Infrared Forehead Thermometer (TZD – CW – F03A)

Short Description:

Show the body temperature by measuring the forehead thermal radiation.

  • Size: 12*5*3mm
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    The appearance structure of the product is shown below:
    1 -- Infrared probe head; head
    2 -- LCD Display screen;
    3 -- + button
    4 --button
    5 -- Setup switch
    6 -- Detecting switch
    7 -- Battery cover


    Display icon description

    Display icon description

     Operation instructions:

    1. Battery installation.
    2. After the first use or just after putting in the new battery, please preheat for about 10 minutes in order to make the measurement more accurate.
    3. Aim at the forehead, the distance is not more than 3 cm, press the measurement key, after hearing of a "beep ", the measured value is showed and the measurement is complete. If the measured value exceeds the temperature alarm point (the default value is 37.5 ℃), a five-tone "beep... beep" is issued. (Make sure your hair, sweat or hats did not cover the detecting point to avoid inaccurate measurements)

    Attentions for measurement

    1. Sweat, hair, hats and scarves on the forehead will affect the accuracy of measuring data. Please make sure the measured distance is not more than 3 cm.
    2. After strenuous exercise, measurement could be made after sitting still for 30 minutes.
    3. When the object to be measured is from the place where the difference of measuring ambient temperature is large, the object should stay at the measuring environment for more than 5 minutes, then the measurement can be started..
    4. Please use the thermometer under the stable temperature environment. When ambient temperature changes more (e.g. from indoor to outdoor), measurement should be made after 15-20 minutes.
    5.The measurement results can not replace physician diagnosis.
    6. Continuous measurement operation time interval is 3 seconds.
    7. Do not use the infrared forehead thermometer under high temperature and humidity.
    8. Do not drink, eat or exercise before or during measurement.

    System setup

    1.Selection of calibration mode and temperature mode (F-1):
    Long press the setting key 3 seconds, LED display F-1;At this time, press the "+" key to select the calibration mode (forehead temperature), press the "-" key to select the temperature mode, press the "set" key to save, enter F-2.
    2. Mode selection of Celsius and Fahrenheit (F-2)
    In the F-2 mode, press the "+" key to select the Celsius temperature (℃) mode, press the "-" key to select the Fahrenheit mode, press the set key to save, and enter Ann.n (nn.n means represents the actual setting)
    3.Alarm temperature setting (Ann.n)
    In Ann.n mode, press the "+" or "-" key to adjust the alarm temperature value Nnn.n. Press the set key to save and enter Nnn.n.
    4.Memory query (Nnn.n)
    In Nnn.n mode (N :0-10), press the "+" key to query the memory value upward, press the "-" key to query the memory value downward, long press the "set" key to display "----", shut down after 2 seconds.

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