Afraid of the virus with epidemic Qingling — your small guard against the epidemic

The National Health Commission (NHC) announced on Monday that it will change the level of novel coronavirus infection from “Class B A tube” to “Class B B tube” on January 8, 2023. With the gradual lifting of the epidemic control system after nearly three years, I felt the most anxious after Yang, worried about my health condition and afraid of infecting others. After the result turns Yin more fire, daily home in the end how should disinfect? If the disinfection is not thorough, will the sun return? There are many disinfection methods on the Internet, such as alcohol, 84 disinfectant, and open the Windows to ventilate. Throw away all the daily necessities and replace them with new …… Which method is most effective? Home disinfection has become a hot topic.

Although everyday because of sneezing, coughing and other actions, let the virus fill the entire room, even on everyday items. But the virus lives mainly on the human body. Once you leave the body, it’s nothing. They become inactive in the air or on surfaces after a few hours and are no longer infectious, so there is no need to panic. So in the post-epidemic era, how to effectively eliminate the risk of contamination and residue of the novel coronavirus in the home and office environment?

The nucleic acid removal solution has the exclusive technology to split nucleotides, destroying the structure of viral genetic material and killing viruses by breaking the chemical bonds of ribonucleic acid (RNA). This product has passed the virus inactivation test of typical culture storage center in China, and the virus inactivation rate is up to 99.99%.

Test reportTest report

Nucleic acid removal liquid as a new disinfection products, it is not like alcohol, chlorine disinfectant as irritating corrosive, it is colorless, tasteless green environmental protection, consumers use experience is excellent. 99.99% of the virus can be inactivated by spraying it with daily disinfection and letting it stand for 3-10 minutes. 2 bottles of quantity peddling, a bottle of home disinfection, a bottle of office disinfection, no I have, people have my excellent, the most cost-effective!Nucleic Acid Scavenger

Post time: Jan-19-2023