HIP went to the Prime Minister’s Office to donate a batch of quick screening reagents produced by Xiamen Jiqing Medical Treatment

Mr. Yang Yanfeng that is Chairman of the Thailand HIP Group and President of Thailand Security Association led the members of the HIP Biotechnology Fast Screening Reagent Team to the Prime Minister’s Office of the State Council of Thailand and donated 300,000 bahts the Fast Screening Reagents produced by Xiamen Jiqing Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. The Vice Prime Minister Visanu Koan and Natafon Nakfanic( The Secretary-General of the National Security Council of Thailand, the commander-in-chief of the Thailand Epidemic Control Center, and the deputy commander-in-chief of the Thailand Army )and other dignitaries warmly received the reagents.

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The products donated all fast screening reagents produced by Xiamen Jiqing Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. The detection kit is used for the in vitro qualitative detection of novel coronavirus antigens in human throat swabs or nasal swabs. The results will come out in 15 minutes. It is very suitable for rapid investigation of suspected cases of new coronavirus infection on a large scale because of its fast, convenient, and low requirements for equipment and personnel. The rapid diagnosis of concentrated outbreaks is very effective so as to promote early diagnosis and timely treatment of patients. It can better meet the needs of rapid on-site detection and control of the epidemic. Nasal swab of SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Detection Kit(Colloidal gold immunochromatography method) has been certified by Ministry of Health of Thailand.

The approval Certificate is T6400159and its product results advantage is fast detection speed in 15 minutes. The operation is simple; no equipment is required, and the application range is wide to alleviate the difficulties encountered in the detection.

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Post time: Oct-14-2021