Love donations to convey true feelings, social responsibility and courage

The bigger the business, the greater the responsibility. As a major participant in social activities, the value of an enterprise is to solve social problems, and the fulfillment of social responsibilities is inseparable from the production and operation of the enterprise. For a long time, Xiamen Micalrun Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to its original intention and mission. While accelerating the pace of development, it has actively fulfilled its responsibilities and put the fulfillment of social responsibilities on its shoulders, in its heart, and in its actions.Love donation

Last week, we held a charity event of donating books and books for the “Xin’an Public Welfare Library”. In order to successfully complete this donation activity, the company’s leadership team attaches great importance to it. The corporate culture team actively organizes employees to participate actively, and conducts activities in the form of voluntary donations and book donations, creating a strong atmosphere for everyone to participate and share love throughout the company. Not only has the idle resources in hand been reused, but also contributed a meager power to public welfare undertakings. Everyone donated books and dreamed, and the world was beautiful because of this.

Love donationLove donation

A total of 236 books of various types were received in this event, and a donation of 2,465 yuan was made. The staff of Xin’an Public Welfare Library accepted the donation and expressed their gratitude to Xiamen Micalrun for its kindness. The donation of books is not only a transmission of knowledge and love, but also a powerful act of Xiamen Micalrun’s enthusiasm for public welfare. In the next step, Xiamen Micalrun will continue to devote itself to the practice of public welfare, actively carry out various public welfare activities, bravely assume social responsibilities, and contribute more to regional development.

Love donationLove donation

The person in charge of Xin’an Public Welfare Library thanked the company for its care and help to the library and expressed sincere thanks! It said that all the donated materials will be used for the development of the public welfare undertaking of “Libraries in Urban Villages”. The charitable donation from Xiamen Micalrun moved the library principals very much. They expressed their gratitude to the company on behalf of the children of migrant workers in urban villages, and presented books and medals to the company.

Love donationLove donation

Products and technology are the hard power of enterprise development, and the courage to assume social responsibility is a solid foundation for enterprise development. Xiamen Micalrun will give full play to its own resource advantages, actively and effectively fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and make continuous efforts to help the harmonious development of Chinese society.

Love donationDonate a book, leave a sincere feeling. The charity donation event came to a successful end, thank you for participating in this event.

Post time: Aug-04-2022