Novel Coronavirus Real Time Multiplex RT-PCR Kit

Short Description:

Product Introduction:

It is used to test the sample to be tested for the special loci of novel coronavirus nucleic acids (ORF1ab, N gene).

Product characteristics:

• Can detect Covid-19 and its variant strains.
• High sensitivity: It can conduct accurate detection of less than 300 copies/ ml.
• High specificity: Hot-start technology is adopted to simultaneously detect two independent genes, ORFlab gene and N gene of the virus, realizing double positive detection.
• Short time:The sample can be rapidly detected only within 1 hour.
• High tolerance to impurities:The compatibility and tolerance to a variety of interfering substances can be realized with a highly optimized buffer system.

Product Parameters:

100 tests/box

① Negative control② PCR enzyme mixed liquid③ Positive control④ PCR reaction liquid

  • Product name: 2019-nCoV RT-PCR
  • Packing specifications: 100 tests/box
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    Kit Contents:


    50 tests/kit

    RT-PCR reaction buffer

    915 μL × 1 tube

    RT-PCR enzyme mix

    85 μL × 1 tube

    Positive control

    100 μL × 1 tube

    Negative control

    100 μL × 1 tube

    Product Description:

    The novel coronaviruses belong to the β genus. COVID-19 is an acute respiratory infectious disease. People are generally susceptible. Currently, the patients infected by the novel coronavirus are the main source of infection; asymptomatic infected people can also be an infectious source. Based on the current epidemiological investigation, the incubation period is 1 to 14 days, mostly 3 to 7 days. The main manifestations include fever, fatigue and dry cough. Nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, myalgia and diarrhea are found in a few cases.

    This kit is used for in vitro qualitative detection of novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV in respiratory specimens including oropharyngeal swab, sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and nasopharyngeal swab. Primer sets and FAM labeled probe are designed for specific detection of ORFlab gene of 2019-nCoV, VIC labeled probe for N gene of 2019-nCoV. Human RNase P gene extracted concurrently with the test sample provides an internal control to validate nucleic extraction procedure and reagent integrity. Probe targeting human RNase P gene is labeled with CY5.

    Product Features:

    1.It is able to test the Delta variant of novel coronavirus
    2.High sensitivity. It can conduct accurate testing of less than 300 copies/ ml
    3.High specificity. it adopts hot start technology to simultaneously test two independent genes ORFlab gene and N gene of the virus, realizing double positive test
    4.Short time. It takes only 1 hour to complete the sample rapid detection
    5.High tolerance to impurities. With a highly optimized buffer system, it can realize compatible tolerance to a variety of interfering

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