Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoanalyzer Analyzer

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Product characteristics:

1)Compact without compromise
2)Improve the efficiency of laboratory
3)Bench-top system, random access
4)ALP-AMPPD principle method, independent 3-step magnetic separation system,precise temperature control and high-pressure pipette washing guarantee reliable,effective and accurate test results
5)Reflex testing capability
6)Remind for test remaining, liquid level check
7)Multi-rule QC,alternative calibration methods and out-of-control warning
8)Inteligence system, one key start and reagent QR management

  • Product name: Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoanalyzer Analyzer
  • Dimensions: 460mm*685mm*602mm
  • Weight: 78kg
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    Technical parameters:

    Test throughput Up to 80 tests/h
    Sample types Serum and plasma
    Sample capacity 5 positions
    Sample volume 5-135μL
    Sample probe Liquid level check,Clot detection
    Test Methods Pre-defined assay protocols (sandwich, competitive and titration)
    Reagient capacity 10 positions
    Startup time 5 minutes
    Power requirements 100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
    Dimensions 460mm*685mm*602mm
    Weight 78kg


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