Portable Immunoassay Analyzer

Short Description:

Product characteristics:

•It is small and portable, and easy to move and carry.
•The battery can support working under internal battery power supply.
•The detection results can be printed on site.
•The automatic reading of detected ample information can be achieved through the QR code scanning function.
•It has built-in qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative technology algorithms, and can automatically calculate the detection results.
•It has built-in bluetooth communication function, and can be connected to bluetooth-related peripherals, such as thermal printers, etc.

  • Product name: Portable Immunoassay Analyzer
  • Product size: 180mmx140mmx96mm
  • Product Detail

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    Technical parameters:

    Product weight 1kg
    Product size 180mmx140mmx96mm
    Number of channels single channel
    Bluetooth communication BLE4.0
    Charging voltage 12V
    Accuracy CV value is less than≤3%
    Testing time <10S
    Communication interface USB, RS232 interface, BLE,WIFI
    Touch screen 5-inch, touch screen can support capacitance.or resistance type

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